SideLionReport Podcast: Week 5, Detroit Tigers Playoff Hopes Dashed and The Detroit Lions Face The Pittsburg Steelers

My Other Biggest Podcast Yet!

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Better late than never!

I don’t know if ya’ll know, but I’m a huge Tigers fan. Tuesday was a rough ass day, blech I’m not even disappointed as much as I’m full of murderous rage at their complete and utter fall apart.

Joe Dexter talks me off the ledge, we discuss our Detroit Lions and the prospects of beating the Pittsburg Steelers (LOL), our special teams woahs, our defensive “Are Those Guys Even On The Field” issues and the future of our Coaching staff.

We’re pretty funny together and after a depressing Tigers discussion, we pick it up and make fun of our favorite local football franchise. Please enjoy guys!

Next week we’re doing a format change. New Female talent and she is exceptional, I’m bringing high expectations into this one, I want to deliver you guys an excellent and entertaining product. I’m trying to get Chris from Nice Pick Cowher, our Steelers portal and we’ll discuss how it went on Sunday. I think it’s going to come down to ball control. Pittsburg is going to smash that ball down our throat in the second half, I expect the time of possession numbers to look really lop sided. We’ll see.

Show notes:

Song is “Murder City” (it really sounds like Motor City, doesn’t it?) from Green Day’s latest effort,

21st Century Breakdown

I’d like to thank Joe Dexter, he is a consummate professional and it’s a joy to work with someone so talented.

check him out at


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