Delmas named NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month

Per Adam Schefter of, Detroit Lions rookie safety Louis Delmas has been named the NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Month.

The second-round draft pick (33rd overall) out of Western Michigan recorded a touchdown in Detroit’s opening season loss to the New Orleans Saints after scooping up a fumble and also caused an “almost” fumble at the expense of Reggie Bush. The review of the play determined Bush to be down by contact but nonetheless it was a jarring, explosive hit. It was the type of trademark collision Delmas was known for coming out of WMU and he has shown thus far that he can continue to throw his body into the fray and produce results.

While still a little shaky in covering the tight ends in the red zone, Delmas is definitely comfortable with NFL game speed and is adding a layer of security in the Lions secondary that has been woebegone since the days of ball-hawking safeties William White and Bennie Blades.

However, with linebackers James Lauranitis (St. Louis) and Rey Maulaluga (Cincinnati) opening with stellar campaigns on their respective teams, Delmas will have to continue his strong play to fend off second-guess whispers from the Lions’ faithful.

Remember, the Lions desperately needed a middle linebacker heading into the draft and thousands of heads were scratched when Detroit passed on the linebackers from Ohio St. and USC in favor of Delmas. Louis “The Missile” will have to continue to be a heat-seeker causing turnovers in order to stop the draft-day comparisons.

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