Announcement is hiring paid news desk writers. Apply here! × Podcast for NFL Week 3: Washington Redskins Post Game, Big Week For The NFC North and THE LIONS WON! THE LOSING STREAK IS OVER!!

My Biggest Podcast Yet!

I got Jim, a.k.a. Truthseeker, lead blogger for which is the Washington Redskins portal.

After your NFC North Rundown and the buzz I’ve got from actually winning a game, Jim and I discuss a little bit of everything about the up and coming Detroit Lions and exactly what is brewing in the kitchen over at the Redskins House of football. If you want shocking, Jim thinks the ‘Skins are going to fire Zorn by the bye week. WHOA! He might get Mooch’ed!

And if the Player isn’t working for you, download it directly HERE (save file as)

Show notes:

I’ve shamelessly lifted some Detroit Lions fans singing the fight song on

For them, I stand and cheer the brave! RAH RAH RAH! Thanks guys!

the music is Blur, Song no. 2 which you probably already own but if you don’t buy it here (PS. 13 is actually their best album)

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