Podcast For NFL Week 2: Detroit Lions lose to Minnesota Vikings


SIDELIONREPORT.COM podcast for NFL Week 2 !!!

OH YEAH BABY! It’s Why the Terrorists Hate us.


NFL Week 2 saw Eli Manning stick it to Tony Romo and the Colts win Monday Night only having the ball 15 minutes of the game. Lions lose again (HAHAHAHA 1-26 since we beat Denver 2 years ago) and we look forward to many, many more.

There wasn’t one last week. Well… There was. But Jen and I were hammered and I didn’t post it. Why? Y’know that thing when your buddies are drunk and you are annoyed by them if you are sober? Yeah that’s why. Maybe some other time for ****’s and giggles. But not now. PS- Funniest podcast you’ve ever not heard. Had nothing to do with Football either.

Anyway I stand by my D+ draft grade and Larry Foote still sucks. No shelter with him, no cures with Peterson, no wins drafting a Quarterback first overall and tight ends when you could have linemen like Oher starting for Baltimore. Whatever.

Podcast Show Notes:

The Stats that we are referring too are the Quarterback Ratings. Mark Sanchez is 10th over all in the NFL. Matt Stafford is LAST. 32 of 32. You can spin that how you want. He’s young. He’s this he’s that, bottom line is that he is the worst and that is that. He’s also Highest paid. I wanted Linemen. I wanted Defensemen. Here’s what we got and Here’s where we are right now. :)

Music is Paramore, “Ignorance” off of Brand New Eyes set to come out 9/29/2009

Thanks for listening

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