No Word On Whether or Not You'll Be Able To Watch Sunday's Ford Field Home Opener.

There were 4,000 outstanding tickets yet unsold and no word from the Lions as to the progress made before the deadline on Thursday afternoon.

I’m not ready to endure yet ANOTHER season of black-outs. It’s annoying and frustrating. Why the NFL can’t loosen it’s policy in this bad economy, I can’t tell you other than money. And even that doesn’t make much sense, aren’t they losing a ton of money with the commercials during the game not being aired?

The bottom line is that had the Lions won in New Orleans or looked a little bit more… formidable, this game would have sold out. Nobody wants to pay for tickets to see something when there just isn’t much to see.

The game will be available to stream from at midnight or if you’re patient enough to watch a grainy live stream, just google TVants or something like that for the right program to use for that.

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