The Lions Go Marching Home After Matt Stafford's First Pro Outing... Lose to Saints 45 - 27

Stafford looked like a rookie. Calvin looked like a stud, Delmas can hiiiiiit. I already love that guy.
The Saints did a fine job of messing with the rookie QB, they were flipping their blitz packages around, they were showing monster blitz and diving back into zone coverage, they had guys coming from all angles and overall generated a lot of pressure on our rookie QB, forcing turnovers.

Drew Brees and Jeremy Shockey pounded us in the air. Brees was whipping it up to double coverage and the Saints were still coming down with it for completions. Reggie Bush looked impressive against us despite his sloppy ball handling (even though we couldn’t get a Touch Down out of that freebie punt drop he gave us). Let’s face it, the Lions left a lot of points on that field. Lots of failed execution.

Despite getting whooped on, I wouldn’t herald it as a terrible showing. There were flashes here and there of brewing potential. Stafford showed us that he is capable and hopefully he can become consistent. In the face of being out matched, having lots of sloppy turnovers and quite possibly the ugliest officiating I’ve ever watched in NFL Football, the Lions looked scrappy. They didn’t give up. They didn’t roll over, they hung in there and came at it hard every down. We obivously have some holes to fill in defensively and some growing to do offensively and some serious need to improve on special teams, but I don’t leave this feeling terrible about it.

Our coaching staff looks good. He’s got a fabulous intensity and I don’t see Marinelli handling the god awful officiating as well as he did. He got in their face, it was awesome.

There is a lot of work to do for this team and its going to be a long road, but perhaps there is something good just past the horizon folks.

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