Podcast Episode 3: Chillin' With Joe Dexter From Fantasy CPR and

No Jen this week (she’s having internet issues and couldn’t make the drive up to my house) but we make up for it in moxy and grit with the stud’o’plenty, Joe Dexter!

He’s posted on this site before during the draft and he may save you via and he writes for our’s Detroit Tigers blog MotorCityBengals.  He’s a delight and we hope that he will make many apperances on my podcast.

No reader mail this week, I blame myself as I didn’t get the post up until yesterday morning and gmail was down most of the afternoon. Bummer, but we’ll get some mail for next week to give away a keychain from This one will be a black and blue Detroit Lions keychain! Podcast Episode 3


Can’t play it in the player? Download it Here

Show Notes:

Huge thanks to my partner this week Joe Dexter

We have some technical difficulties but we work through it… for the listeners wondering why I didn’t nip it out in editing, it turned into a pretty good conversation about Matt Millen that I didn’t want to lose. Oh, for your information, John White is the lead blogger for, the Carolina Panthers Blog.

Music is by American Hi-Fi, The Break Up Song off of The Art Of Losing

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