With Calvin Johnson and Pettigrew Out for Cleveland, What Will You Be Keeping Your Eye On?

First off, did you download the podcast? It’s short, it’s sweet, everyone meet Jennifer, she’s awesome, It’s still a work in progress and I’m working on pulling in Joe From Fantasy CPR or maybe someone else. We’ll see, We’re getting it off the ground and we’ll hit our stride in a few weeks. They will be longer when I can get some hosting issues fixed.

Now I pose you a question to you, the reader.
What are you going to be watching for?
Jason Hanson is out for a while. That’s fine, I want him for the real season; A reliable kicker is going to be soooooooo, sooooo clutch and yes, I know that’s true in general, but in the position we’re in we are going to need that pressure valve. There are going to be some serious growning pains and getting in position so Hanson can get you a 48 yarder is going to be the edge we need to survive at all in our games this season.

With CJ out along with our 2nd overall pick, what are you going to keep your eyes on?

I feel that all eyes are on Matt Stafford. He had a mediocre outing last week, 71.8 QB rating I think? Not *terrible*, not great. Yeah, he’s working with the B team, but with CJ out, it’s all B team. No excuses. He needs to do better.

My eyes are on YOU Matt. I expect a lot, I know it will take time, but our franchise is in your hands.

Talk to me about what you want to see in the preseason game at Cleveland (Great Lakes War or something like that?) by telling me what you are going to be keeping an eye on; Send an e-mail to [email protected]

We’ll definately talk about what the people wanted to see and what we actually saw on the next podcast.

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