As Training Camp Approaches, Is There a Matt Stafford / Dante Culpepper QB Controversy In Detroit?

It’s pretty natural when you have to legitimate contenders on the roster that fans will speculate and chirp about which Detroit Lions QB should be taking the snaps.

There are 2 philosophies involved: Go with the Veteran and let the kid learn on the sidelines (like Kitna/Palmer of a few years ago) or throw the kid in and see what happens (you never know with that… Could end up with a Flacco or a Harrington).

I feel that Culpepper is the natural starter for now. He’s a salty dog of the league now, he knows the in’s and out’s and I think the only huge question mark on him is ‘how long can he stay healthy’?
That is a uber-legitimate concern, as when was the last time he finished a season? We’re hoping his legs are fixed and for being thrown into the shark tank like he was last year, he looked alright.

Stafford has a lot to learn and I don’t like the idea of just throwing a rookie into the deep end. Teams with depth like the Ravens and the Falcons (wow, never thought I would be saying that) can slot a kid in and make it work. The Lions are not in such a position. We stunk something god awful last year and the only thing that can fix is time and drafting well.

We’ll see it on the field.

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