's Top Ten Worst Sports Logos: Did The Lions Avoid The Cut?

picture-3 Top 10 Worst Sports Logos

Bubbles managed to avoid the list despite the recent changes.


I actually liked Bubbles the way he was. The one thing I feel Millen actually did right was add some notes of black to the Detroit Lions Merchandise line. I have some pretty sweet RBK gear that has heavy notes of black to it… The honalulu blue really pops with the back in my humble opinion.

The added white in the logo just doesn’t do too much for me… the added mouth and teeth just don’t convey that message of ferocity like I think they were hoping to do. If you really wanted to change the image, start from scratch. Or even better, win some damn games. Who cares about the logo? If they had won 3 Super Bowls in the last 8 years, everyone in Detroit would think its the sexiest logo that there ever was ever. Those good feelings would get tied to the logo. It still happens, just in this case all the bad feelings have been tied to the logo and the talk radio circuit gets more and more of the “We’re not the Raiders stop trying to look like the Raiders Mr. Millen/Mr. Ford/ Mr. Mayhew”.

Actual Logo Aside, Mayhew and Schwartz have kept the black notes and I LOVE IT.

This will most likely be my next purchase:

We’ll see how it all looks on the field in a few weeks actually! (Aren’t you excited!?!? we get preseason football in a couple weeks).

Notable NFL entrants in the article are the Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans.

I really agree with the Titans logo sucking. What exactly is that? Is it on fire? Is it moving? Is it a comet? What the hell does a comet have to do with a Titan?

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