Brian Griese Cut from the Bucc's... Is this a Viable Option for the Lions?

This of course hinges on how delusional Griese may or may not be at this point; I, of course, feel that Griese is a perfect candidate for the clipboard. He’s an ideal 3rd slot guy. He never really made a dent professionally, but he does have plenty of field experience and can perhaps serve as a decent mentor to our young bucking bronco, Matt Stafford.

Let’s face it, Drew Stanton is a refugee from another regime right now. He was a Mike Martz project who was hurt and lost his field commander one year in. Only on the lions could a young guy like Stanton be under the auspices of his third offensive coordinator in his third year. That said, Stanton is a young athlete that deserves a shot at the starting position. And that’s simply not going to be here. We have a lot of money and the Mayhew legacy tied up into Matt Stafford.

Sorry Drew, there just isn’t a place for you here.

I think there is rich opportunity our there for Drew, he’s shown us some promise and this league is QB hungry.

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