Sorry Guys... There is Just Nothing Going on Right Now... However I Hear Culpepper Looks like a STUD

1st things first…. GO RED WINGS!

They look hella solid and I think it’s yet another cup. All this from Ken Holland… A guy that hasn’t had a top 10 draft pick in like 15 years and not only won a lot of games in the free for all peroid, he rolled into the cap era with a loss for a conference title and followed that with a Stanley Cup. Lions: Please pay attention to this man.

Other than that I’m hearing that Culpepper is looking fabulous. We know that he is the out right starter, but I myself question his durability. I’m hearing good things.
I remain cynical, because well… I’m a Lions fan and I’m used to failure. Why should I trust? I’ve been getting Burned for years.


New Main Portal!!!!

its got a sexy new look so go and enjoy (although I’m sure you already do!)

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