A Student of History! (Superbowl Champions; Steelers, Patriots, Giants, Buccaneers and of Course Peyton Mannings Colts)

lem barney-

Again, you are knee-jerk. You just don’t get it. I’m not angry with you. Please understand. You think you know how to build a team based on…I’m not sure…what is it that gives you the confidence to believe you know?

Where is the data and your research notes that backup your hypothesis?
The OL is not that terrible. STOP watching ESPN and reading these “insider” blogs.

…you are not going to take my advice and do the homework are you? You’ve no desire to get to the nuts and bolts of the problem. You want to be Bill O’Reilly and all that it brings you.


Lem barney, I would like to thank you for contributing to the fansided community. You posted some very well thought out, verbose opinions in the comment section. Thanks! 

However, you essentially said I’m a retard and fail to pay attention to history. You strongly defend our Lions. now… look. 

I’ve had Lions season tickets. Let’s face it, history is a TERRIBLE word to use when you refer to the Lions. HISTORY involves the stupid trivia you will hear for the next 15 years: Who went 0-16 in the modern NFL? OH. US. cool. 

Here, my nautical friend, is some history. 

These are the 1st round picks of the last handful of Superbowl Champions:

Tampa Bay Buccs:

Super Bowl Champs 2003-4

2003 DE Dewayne White

2002 WR Marquise Walker

2001 T      Kenyatta Walker

2000 G     Cosey Coleman

1999 DT A McFarland


Super Bowl Champs 2004-5

2004 T Vince Wilfork

2003 DE Ty Warren 

2002 TE daniel Graham

2001 DT Richard Seymour

2000 T  Adrian Klemm


Super Bowl Champions 2005-6

2004 QB Ben Roethlisberger

2003 DB Troy Polamalu

2002 G    Kendal Simmons

2001 T     Casey Hampton

2000 WR P. Burress 


SBC 2006-7

2006 RB Joeseph Addai

2005 DB Marlin Jackson

2004 DB Bob Sanders

2003 TE Dallas Clark

2002 DE Dwight Freeney


SBC 2007-8

2008 FS Kenny Phillips 

2007 CB Aaron Ross

2006 DE Mathias Kiwanuka

2005 DB Cory Webster

2004 QB Rivers, trade for Eli Mannnig 


SBC 2008-9

2008 HB Rashard Mendenhall

2007 LB Lawrence Timmons

2006 WR Santonio Holmes

2005 TE Heath Miller

Now don’t you dare have the balls to point out Eli Manning. 
He sucks. yeah, he’s got a ring, but we’ve posted the video as to why. Asante Samuelson dropped the pick that would have given the Pats that Superbowl. Yeah, it didn’t happen, but let’s not get on our knees to pleasure lil’ELI. He is overrated at best. 
Pittsburg put their rookie QB in the position to win… with Defense and Size. 
Mr. Lem, have you noticed that every team  that took a Tight End had already had a recent Superbowl or was playing for their conference championship at some point?? 
YOU SEE WHEN I SAY THAT ONLY GOOD TEAMS SHOULD GET TO TIGHT END SHOP, I’M NOT BUFFING AROUND. Good teams take Tight Ends. It’s Gravy. It’s how you make winning squads better. 
Go down the damn line. Here and there you get a slot receiver or a (GOOD) running back, but going down the drafts its DEFENSE DEFENSE OFFENSIVE LINE AND DEFENSE. 
You compared me to Bill O’Reily. 
Now, I don’t want to take you to the Carribean and run a Soapy Luffa up your ass crack while I feed you a bottle of wine, but I can prove you wrong. Stop drinking the Koolaid. 
And Lem, don’t stop reading and participating. 
you’re an astute guy. You have a unique and quality perspective. 
If you want to wank out now, don’t you dare come back here if the Lions start winning and I look stupid LOL! :) 
Finally, I’m NOT A REPORTER. 
as in… FAN- SIDED
I am just a fan. 
I’m unpaid. I do this because I love to watch Football and I love to write. 
Nothing More… Nothing Less. 
And this is what I think. Love it or Hate it. Thank you for reading it. 
I appreciate all of you. 

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