Hate Mail About The Foote Deal!

apeck Says: 
Are you even a Lion’s fan? All free Agents have to come from somewhere. He was a cap casualty, not cut becasue he can’t hack it. You weren’t pissed about the trade for Julian Petereson who is older and plays OLB, but your upset Detroit signed a good MLB to a one year deal. Anytrhing is an upgrade over last years linebacking corps. What did you want them to do? Keep Paris Lenon who probably won’t even play this year in the NFL?

Dude, your blog sucks and I am no longer reading it. Opinions aside, your content just blows and I have had it, I would rather watch ESPN.

Do you watch football at all? Free Agents don’t fix bad teams. Remember when the Red Skins bought a bunch of hired guns and their season was a disaster? Foote is better than anything we’ve got, yes this is true. God forbid we draft young talented linebackers or linemen, we’re busy rebuilding with Quarterbacks and Tight Ends. You’re not looking at the big picture. Even the Lions aren’t sold on Foote, they’ve only signed him to a One Year Deal. This is shaping up to be hardly high profile! It’s more a case of he needs a gig and we need linebackers. If he was this cornerstone building block to solidify the defense, you think they’d commit to merely one year?! I don’t know if I can roll out the red carpet for “yeah, he’s better than Paris Lenon”. He is though. Well… Probably. 

You have to look deeply into these situations. Even if the team is BRIMMING with talent and in order to make cap space, this guy has to be cut… well… on a full roster, he was the one cut. In other words, the Steelers decided they could afford to lose Larry Foote. I’m not bashing Larry… allow me to repeat yet again, he’s better than anything we’ve got.  BUT…

For every Stephen Davis, There’s 5 Damien Woody’s. How about Rick DeMulling? Remember that? EXPECT MORE. Fellow Lions fans have become so complacent, so eager to accept this inferior product and complain when it sucks, yet congratulate them when they do the same stupid CRAP that they do year in and year out. I’m angry not because of Mr. Foote… He’s got a ring and a fine career up to this point. The Lions aren’t building from the draft like successful teams do. We had 2 picks before the Superbowl Champion Steelers and what did they take? 

I’ve even been so kind as to not constantly tie Mayhew to Millen. I’ve tried to give him his singularity and let his moves be *his* moves.  

The Peterson Trade was good because we got rid of Cory Redding. He had a bloated contract and hadn’t produced a damn thing the last 2 seasons. A credit to Mayhew, he also made chicken salad out of you know what with the Kitna trade. Kitna was going to be cut, Mayhew got something for him. He has also fleeced Dallas for Roy Williams at WR. 

That said there’s bad stuff too. I didn’t like the draft and I didn’t like the contract Stafford got. 

But who knows? I might be wrong. 

That also said, I’m definately right about one thing. I said that the Stafford pick is now Mayhew’s legacy and I stand by that. He has forgone his rookie grace period. His career as a GM will be defined by this singular pick, good or bad and I don’t think Mr. Mayhew would disagree with me. He didn’t take the base hit and go with Defense or Linemen, He is swinging for the fences with the Stafford pick. All the chips are on the table now and he is going to be judged accordingly; It will either be a home run, or he’ll be OUT. 

Thanks for reading my sucky blog.

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  • Lions Fan

    YOU DO SUCK!!!! this site sucks. and I would say you dont watch football.

  • James

    Greetings, Lions fans;

    I’ve been a lifelong Steelers fan (grew up twenty miles from Three Rivers) for 50+ years. For what it’s worth, I strongly suspect that this time next year you might be ragging the Lion’s management for only signing Foote to a one year deal.

    Foote, who deservedly started on two Super Bowl winning teams, is definitely NOT in the twilight of his career. He was not releases because his skills are eroding. The Steelers let him go because he wanted released…because in former first rounder Laurance Timmons they’ve got young stud who may have the best natural physical talents of their four starting linebackers.

    Foote wants to prove he’s a four down talent. He left Pittsburgh with a chip on his shoulder…not against Pittsburgh, but rather against anyone and everyone who labors under the delusion that he can no longer be a monster force from tackle to tackle. That HAS to promise good things for the Lions and their fans.

    Good luck in ’09!’ I’d like to see Larry Foote and the Lions kick NFC Central butt.

  • http://nationofmorons.blogspot.com/ M Styborski

    Yeah, I’d have to say you’re about nine yards shy of a first down with this assessment Kev. Foote had plenty of offers for two years but chose Detroit because not only will they let him be the sixty-minute man he wants to be, but he loves his hometown. I think the one year deal comes from his side of the table and I have a feeling you guys will be upping his salary next year.

    The Steelers did not cut Foote, but rather let him go his own way. They had a vision of who he was which differed from his vision of himself. It happens. And if the Steelers know one thing other than winning, it’s that you don’t keep an unhappy player on your team. It only leads to huge problems. The letters T and O come to mind.

    Yeah, I’m a Steeler fan, born and bred, and I’m really going to miss Larry. You should be proud to have him and I really hope he does well for you guys. And for the record, Larry has two rings.

  • kevinferguson

    A guy that is cut is a guy that is cut.

    I think Foote’s a good player. I really do. I’ll take him. But why not sign him long term then? If his workout was super impressive, then sign him up to Anchor the D. WHY ARE THEY NOT DOING THIS THEN?

    You, Mr. Steelers fan, thanked us for Charlie Batch.
    Charlie was chased out on a rail for “sucking”
    Detroit fans didn’t really credit the fact that there was no O-Line in place. They sucked and as a result, he sucked.

    This is where my frustration originates.

    We’re drafting QB’s and Tight End’s and the Steelers draft size and strength. A 6’3, 300lb beast that’s going to create turnovers so they can run the ball and grid their opponents down. Their last Superbowl was a result of solid team building, focusing on defense and offensive size. They then plug Big Ben in, a solid, stout hand the ball off and don’t turn it over QB the snaps and win a Super Bowl. Why? Because the rookie had protection. And so did Charlie. And both flourished.

    I love football. I love the Lions.
    I hate the things they do though.
    I *want* them to win.

    The Draft should have been J Smith/Curry, Defense, Delmas.

    Delmas was a good pick. New England would have took him had we not. They would have gobbled him up and turned him into an ESPN highlight reel. So, good pick there.

    I’m tough on the Lions. I want to win. I’m not willing to be complacent with a 3-13 season. If the Dolphins can go from 1-15 to the playoffs, we can win 10 games. I DEMAND IT. This is a league designed for you to go from the bottom to the lower part of the top.

    But thanks guys! I appreciate the spirited debate. The beauty of it is we can debate and speculate but in the end, we’re going to all watch the game together and scream with joy or cringe in frustration.

    I love NFL Football.

  • kevinferguson


    If Foote is a ****ing stud, I’m going to be RAILING on the Lions for not locking this guy down.

    Don’t yell at me, he only got a 1 year deal. The Lions Brass doesn’t think he’s got a lot of gas in the tank. They threw Stafford a dump truck full of money and he hasn’t even taken a snap, so don’t hate me. I’m just inferring from the data that is given to me as a fan. If you’re dead sure this guy will lock down the defense, then they are stupid for not sealing the deal with a big, multi-year offer.

  • http://nationofmorons.blogspot.com/ M Styborski

    I feel ya. I’ve been in New Orleans for thirty years and the Saints are my second team. We went through the same bad deals and bad drafts you guys are experiencing. But we can all hold our heads high with pride and you know why?

    Because we’re not Bengals fans!

  • http://nationofmorons.blogspot.com/ M Styborski

    And yeah, you’re right about Batch and the protection!

  • http://nicepickcowher.com chris

    My fellow members of Steeler Nation have said what needed to be said about Foote already. I will add it’s hilarious you tell your readers to “look more deeply into these situations” and then MISS THE ENTIRE POINT yourself. Mike Tomlin wanted to keep Foote. The Steelers wanted to keep Foote. Foote wanted his release. We had a #1 draft pick splitting time with him last year (he came out on passing downs) and he didn’t like that. That’s his loss and your gain.

    I can’t explain the 1 year contract but there is likely a logical reason. Maybe the Lions were worried about him moving from our 4 LB system to your 3 (you run a 4-3, right?) Maybe he wanted a 1 year deal with hopes of playing his way to a big money deal next season. Bottom line is he’s 29 and a 5 year starter on the NFL’s best defense so count your blessings.

    He isn’t “trash” like you said although he isn’t this great Joey Porter-like superstar who will turn around your defense either so your readers better check their expectations. He’s just a good solid player which considering the miserable state of your franchise and the utter disgrace of your defense is something you should be happy to have.

  • Ryan

    First, it makes me cringe when you use the word definitely. It’s definItely you buffoon.

    Secondly, I love talking about NFL football as well, but when hate mongerers (too strong?) like you just go around bashing everything, it makes it no fun.

  • apeck

    Well, look at that! Turns out the Lions offered a 2-year deal and Foote turned it down! Woops!


    Why don’t you complain some more about the Lions not drafting a LB? It is obvious there were some concerns about Laurinaitis and Maualuga, I may not like the picks that much either, but they will make Detroit better. I was pissed they ppassed up Oher myself but they still have Backus who may not be great but will definitely get help from Pettigrew, they have Cherilus, and now they have a good MLB.

    Look all I am saying is this is a good signing and it fulfills a need. Charaterizing it as picking up someones trash is just ignorant. It works great for both sides. This will give Levy (and Follett) a year to develop and learn from a veteran.

    I don’t remeber, were you pissed about the Grady Jackson signing? Phillip Buchannon? Eric King? Those all filled needs and were short term deals. If you notice none of these deals are long-term Albert Haynesworth/Bart Scott deals. The Lions signed mecenaries, glorified bandaids. They are going to build throught the draft…just not the way you think they should.

  • kevinferguson

    lol, I am hate”mongerer” lolz


    anyway, if I miss the point, yet you don’t have the ability to explain the 1 year contract…..
    he said he wanted a bigger contract, look at sports for freep.com
    do I really miss the point???????????????????
    i don’t get the one year thing either. if he’s that great, lock him down.

    if you have doubts, you sign him to a one year, non committal deal. I am simply pointing this out, yet somehow I’m the jerk.

  • Stephen

    This hurts seriously, kevinferguson, you got to be kidding me. I believe Foote said he wanted a one year deal so he could prove himself and then mayhew could give him a long term the next year. Its good for both sides, you have no common sense. Your prolly the one who pulled the trigger on the redding deal huh. you prolly cheerin that one on, thank god we got rid of that contract this offseason. You need to write a blog about something you have a clue about, and quit even mentioning stafford moneywise with foote. Thats just the way the NFL has the contracts setup with the union. There is no CAP like in the NBA. If manning or brady got taken first this year in the draft they would of got the same numbers and you wouldnt know if they were good yet and you would still be cryin so please be quiet and quit annoying everyone with your ridiculous comments.

  • http://justblogbaby.com/ Just Blog Baby

    I think there is a happy medium to be found here.

    Foote is a quality player and a character guy. The fact that he wanted to be a Lion should say a lot. Perhaps he’s not going to become Ray Lewis all of a sudden, but he’s got something to prove since it’s only a one year deal.

    I can’t argue that I felt the Lion brass missed out on a great chance to get Stafford protection in round one (Micheal Oher) or to get help on the D-Line in round two (Ron Brace). However, this move is a solid pick up for Detroit.

    Maybe Foote will just be a footnote come 2010, but you’ve got yourself a good locker room guy for 2009. As a Raider fan I’ve seen first hand what a difference having character guys can make. Case in point was how much better the Raiders got after DeAngelo Hall was cut and replaced by a journeyman special teamer named Marquis Cooper. Cooper never made any huge plays, but he was a great influence in the locker room and that had an effect on how the Raiders performed in the second half of the ’08 season as we finished winning 3 out of 6.

    One step at a time my friend. This is a rebuild unlike any other and each piece of the puzzle is no more important than the other when you’re 0-16.

  • http://nationofmorons.blogspot.com/ M Styborski

    Actually Steve, both Mannings were picked first in their respective drafts and received the now standard assload of cash for unproven talent. Luckily for them they were able to justify the salary unlike such legendary NFL greats as Tim Couch and.

    We may never know why it’s a one-year deal. If you think the Lions are worried about Foote’s performance imagine what’s going through his head! Since the Lions are in a state of flux, the one year deal makes sense and is probably mutually attractive to both parties.

    At any rate, you’re still getting a hell of a deal. Foote will be playing for less than 2 million this year. Stafford, on the other hand, is guaranteed 7 mil per year for 6 years. If he does well that figure will jump to 13 million per year. And you wonder why they only signed Foote for a year? Holy Stimulus Package Batman, that’s more than Tom Brady makes!

    Now keep in mind I don’t begrudge Stafford or his agent for squeezing the Lions’ turnips as hard as they can. It’s what draft picks do. I do shake the finger of shame at the league and teams for putting up with this highway robbery. They really don’t care because they’ll just raise ticket prices and pass the cost onto us, boom or bust.

    Want some fun numbers?
    Joe Montana – 3rd rd – 4 SB rings
    Roger Staubach – 10th rd – 2 SB Rings
    Bart Starr – 17th rd – 2 SB rings
    Johnny Unitas – 9th rd – 1 SB ring
    (And for us Steeler fans it gets funnier still. Unitas was drafted by Pittsburgh in the 1955 draft but was cut in order to keep Ted Marcibroda. He worked construction for a year and played semi-pro ball for the Bloomfield Rams at a whopping SIX dollars per game before joining the Colts in ’56.)

  • lem barney


    I’m not sure you get what it is the Lions are trying to do.
    I get the feeling you think the Steelers out drafted us because they took a DT and we needed DT’s. One; he was not the top rated DT. And two; we need to keep our defense OFF the field Kevin. That was the single most important facet of our game that killed us. They were worn down. Time of possession and field position are our weakest stats. This coaching staff knows this. You don’t seem to. You want flashy scores, monster defensive plays. I understand; you’re young and have grown up wanting it all right now but not wanting to work slowly and diligently to get it. Its a product of your times.

    Yes, time/possession are boring (possibly) in your eyes and that’s why you hated this draft. I loved this draft (and I’ve been here a LONG time watching bad draft after bad draft, getting the flashy/popular guys) because it addressed our most pressing needs. You need not look far; 60′s Packers, 70′s Steelers, 80′s 49ers, 90′s Cowboys/Broncos, 2000′s Steelers/Pats. It’s all there. Not flashy but look at the results. In baseball, it’s hitting the cutoff man. Boring stuff? Yes. But all the difference between a big inning and an inning ending double-play.

    Be a student of the game Kevin. It takes time to be one but you will benefit from it (as will your articles). It’s OK to have passion but without a plan or knowledge you’ll tend toward knee-jerk reactions. This staff has a plan and I (for the first time in a while) can see it. I know we’re on our way to respectability again if given the chance. We need you; the pundit to understand this. Please go back and look at why this team has had so many failed years. Do the homework (stop relying on ESPN, NFL network, FOX, etc. for your information) if you really want to be a reporter that’s respected by his peers.
    Good luck.

  • smoke

    James…dude, I agree with your post except for one thing. Living in the present instead of the past would require us to refer to our beloved division as the NFC North, not NFC Central as we knew it for lo these many decades…

    Foote will be a great addition. Do not underestimate highly motivated men.

  • smoke

    ps…extremely well said, Lem…

  • Lions 4 Life

    Sorry, but Stafford and Pettigrew ARE the flashy picks. The smart picks would have been Jason Smith, Peria Jerry and Darius Butler. The Packers, Steelers, 49ers and Cowboys were built from the inside-out.

    They would have been better suited passing on Stafford and waiting for the 2010 QB class, which is loaded. Bradford, McCoy, Snead to name a few. Pettigrew will be lucky to get 30 catches a season. He was not worth a first-round pick. He’s a blocker. You can find a good blocking tight-end in round five. If they wanted a pass-catching tight end they should have waited until round three and landed Cook or Coffman.

    The truth about Larry Foote is his numbers have declined since 2005 (his best season). The guy is a stop-gap at best. He may bring great character, but character doesn’t win games or championships. Talent and intelligent drafting does.

  • lem barney

    Lions 4 life-
    You are wrong, but it is not the first time I suspect.
    You wanted a tackle first over-all, yet hate the best all-around TE in college football and probably in the top 10 next year in the NFL. TE’s help with the time of possession. If you would actually read what I wrote and then comprehend what you’ve read; you would see I was referring to TIME OF POSSESSION. And having time to build this team without numbskulls thinking they own and run this team.
    Millin is no longer here Life…no one in the front office is listening to you anymore. This, I suspect is the reason you hate this draft. No QB next year can help the lions NEXT year and what guarantee is there that we could even draft one? You must already believe the Lions will be horrendous this year and want to proclaim it from the highest mountain. Easy to do after an 0-16 season. Sit down and let this staff put my Lions back together again…please.

    But I believe you’ll be inclined to attack me for my belief the Lions are headed in the right direction over your bitterness at them not having picked the guys you wanted.

    Attitude and coaching win football games over/for the long haul.
    You probably think you came out of the womb already knowing how to read and write I’m guessing.

  • lem barney

    By the way, what did the Packers, Steelers, 49ers and Cowboys draft first after horrible seasons and a new head coach..ace.

  • http://nationofmorons.blogspot.com/ M Styborski

    “…character doesn’t win games or championships.”

    Yeah, that must be why Michael Vick and Chad Ochowhatshisname have so many Superbowl rings. Character is the foundation of championship teams, my friend, and if you doubt that then you have missed the whole point of football entirely.

  • Lions 4 Life

    Gee, Lem I guess you should be the head coach and GM since you know EVERYTHING. I didn’t attack you, but you are attacking everyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion. By the way, you have no idea who is right or wrong. Chill out, bro. We all know being a Lions fan is frustrating, but you need to settle down just because someone disagrees with your opinions – not facts.

    “best all-around TE in college football and probably in the top 10 next year in the NFL.”

    Come on, your just regurgitating what someone else wrote in a scouting report. Did you actually watch Pettigrew in college? Probably not I imagine. Well, I did. Even saw him in person twice. He’s not Jason Witten. That’s a great tight end. He’ll be a good player, but not worth a first-round pick. Ooops, sorry, I just expressed another opinion. I guess I should have checked with you first, o mighty sage.

    Styborski – You’re oh so right. I guess Lawrence Taylor, Michael Irvin and Ray Lewis are first-class citizens who have never done anything wrong. By the way, Jason Smith, Peria Jerry and Darius Butler are the best of both worlds. Talented and good guys. Character can only be the foundation when those character guys can actually play. If you don’t get that, then you have missed the point of football, my friend.

  • lem barney

    Life -
    You are right, I was out of line for venting on you. I vented on you only, by the way. I chastised our esteemed author of this dance.

    I actually live in Dallas and have watched Pettigrew play for a bit now..although I’ve never met him. The Lions apparently agreed with my assessment as did the Packers from all indications. I also wanted Stafford and hoped Delmus would still be there at 33. Pettigrew was a surprise @ 20 only because he was still there. Your picks would be nice next year, absolutely.
    And I’m glad he’s not Jason Witten. Who I watch every sunday. And have seen in person three times. I have met Jay Novacek twice at the Charles Goodight Gala in Fort Worth and have a picture of us together with our wives. Troy Aikman lives down the street and Terry Bradshaw is a regular backstage.

    Now that we have gotten our dicks measured…you cannot seriously be saying time of possession is an opinion. Which by the way, only an offense can have.

    Actually…I’m really not sure you know enough about football for me to continue having this conversation because watching and studying are two entirely…nevermind.

  • Eric

    Thanks for the site, but do not speak as if you know the thoughts of Lions execs. They are in no way “not sold on him” as you state. He was definitely in their plans for at least some time. The day after becoming a free agent he was signed. And the Lions did offer him a two year contract but declined because he wanted a one year deal so that he could resign for big time money. He said this himself.

  • http://nationofmorons.blogspot.com/ M Styborski


    Good examples. Character is built slowly, over time, and anyone can destroy it with one or a series of stupid mistakes. After that, it’s a long process to rebuild what you have lost. Some guys can do it, some can’t. But I’d like to thank you for backing up my original statement.

    Indeed, talent is needed and Foote has it. His numbers went down when the Steelers started sidelining him on obvious pass plays. Interestingly, the Steelers performance on defense declined as well. Connection?

  • apeck


    This is the most conversation you have had on your blog in a while…you’re welcome!

  • http://nationofmorons.blogspot.com/ M Styborski

    Just so kev doesn’t have to point out the obvious…

    “Dude, your blog sucks and I am no longer reading it.”

  • kevinferguson

    The Internet is Serious Business. Thanks for not reading.

    I like Pettigrew. I saw him whack Orakapocahontis (yeah, I’m gonna look up how to spell his goofy name) right on his butt and thought…”wow. wish we were in a position to shop for TE’s with that pick from Dallas.”

    I don’t get to watch a great deal of college ball outside of bowl season… I work Saturdays.

    And for the Steelers taking a DT thing… It’s not that specific guy, the point is in the philosophy. Bringing in continuity to keep winning by sticking with size and/or defense; Having faith that your system will overcome, you just need a guy with the right specs… the system will make him good. The opposite of drafting flashy picks that will look good on the front page of the team store in jersey form.

    If your boat is sinking, does the first thing you do involve bailing water out with a bucket or do you plug up the hole?
    Drafting QB’s and Tight Ends when your line sucks and you didn’t win a game last year is chucking water over the side, but we’re not plugging up the hole.

  • lem barney


    Again, you are knee-jerk. You just don’t get it. I’m not angry with you. Please understand. You think you know how to build a team based on…I’m not sure…what is it that gives you the confidence to believe you know?
    Where is the data and your research notes that backup your hypothesis?
    The OL is not that terrible. STOP watching ESPN and reading these “insider” blogs.

    …you are not going to take my advice and do the homework are you? You’ve no desire to get to the nuts and bolts of the problem. You want to be Bill O’Reilly and all that it brings you.

    ” It neither soothed the unrecorded regrets nor averted the impending doom”

    “If your boat is sinking-”

    That statement alone proves my point. You MUST start the pumps right away because you need time to find and fix the hole. If water gets to the engine you will lose power, and at the mercy of a very big, vast ocean, you will sink. The ship needs power in order to steer into the waves. The biggest, toughest ships in the world are no match for water (just plain water) and will never be. Therefor your crew must be prepared on a number of levels to address the most important need of a ship; TO STAY AFLOAT.

    Just because the Lions didn’t draft ALL defense in this draft does not make it a bad draft. Stafford is going to surprise you. I’ve watched him play in high school and college…He is a smart kid who loves the game and has studied his whole life to become the best QB he can…this kid is a tough MFer… He IS NOT JOEY. That. Is fact.

    Forget MEL Kiper…he’s an ass. He jumped on the bandwagon. He did not discover Matt like he makes out.

    Again, I beg of you to do the ground work. Stop being a fan when you write these articles and be a reporter; get to the bottom of the problem from a research based investigation. I’ve been reading your blogs for some time and had a sense you may be one who could do this. But now I know you cannot or are unwilling to because…I’m not sure…times are different now. I fear for when I get old and can no longer stand and defend my family that there will be not one person that will care enough to help.

    The Lions are a very big ship Kevin. Not the skiff you suggest in your last post. A very big ship in a very big ocean that’s just gotten it’s new engine installed. Time to fire it up…so we can start the pumps again and find that friggin hole.

    Now if the weather would just clear…

  • lem barney

    I bring to much history into this.
    But, I believe the worst is over and the worm has turned.

    Couple O things then it’s bon voyage.

    That ship I referred to in my last post is actually in dry-dock with it’s new engine and crew waiting for the holes to be plugged. Unfortunately it has to set sail soon, and will need to be fixed while sitting high in the water. Good crews can do that. (Read coaching staff here)

    Also, you can’t have it both ways Kevin in order to say you were right all along.
    Your position has been: The front office (who hired Schwartz) are doing some things right (wink wink nod nod) but because they’re “Millen Men” (and guilty by association) they may or may not fail (wink wink nod nod). You try to seem objective but you’re not. It’s not cute. It’s not helpful. It’s not reporting.

    The Lions were not going to be fixed this year, no way. Next year is the year you will see the specific needs you railed for. Maybe you will agree with them maybe you won’t. Which do you think it”ll be…Kevin?

    ” His huge, calm, intelligent hands swerved through the preliminaries and wrestled with her confusion of lace…”

    Here’s something you can trust in: I will never navigate to this site again.

    Toots kiddo.

  • http://lifeondumars.com/ toasterhands

    You’d rather watch ESPN? You’re a sick dude apeck.

  • Bob

    “lem barney” is a no talent, ass clown. It’s pretty sad you spend so much time writing a mindless response only to decide by end of said incoherency you would never navigate to the site again. What a waste of a time. You’ll never get to see me belittle you in front of all your friends.

    “Again, I beg of you to do the ground work. Stop being a fan when you write these articles and be a reporter; get to the bottom of the problem from a research based investigation. I’ve been reading your blogs for some time and had a sense you may be one who could do this. But now I know you cannot or are unwilling to because…I’m not sure…times are different now. I fear for when I get old and can no longer stand and defend my family that there will be not one person that will care enough to help.”

    This is an effing blog, man. Not some dramatic romantic movie you watch with your plus sized girlfriend. This isn’t life or death for the love of reporting the Lions. I don’t even agree with Kevin’s sentiments toward the Larry Foote signing and it’s you that makes me want to change those feelings and worship the ground Kevin walks on. “lem barney” I think I hate you and sadly, you’re only text on a page. Text that exudes just how fucking stupid and annoying you really are. So glad we’ll never have to hear from you again. “Toots” hummer.

  • http://nationofmorons.blogspot.com/ M Styborski

    Hoka Hoka Hey!

    The clock is ticking and kickoff is almost here! Thought I’d pass back by and wish you well on opening day as you’ll be facing the New Orleans Saints, (as I said previously, my #2 team,) and their revamped D. Good luck brother, and get the beer ready… it’s gonna be a helluva ride!