Hate Mail About The Foote Deal!

apeck Says: 
Are you even a Lion’s fan? All free Agents have to come from somewhere. He was a cap casualty, not cut becasue he can’t hack it. You weren’t pissed about the trade for Julian Petereson who is older and plays OLB, but your upset Detroit signed a good MLB to a one year deal. Anytrhing is an upgrade over last years linebacking corps. What did you want them to do? Keep Paris Lenon who probably won’t even play this year in the NFL?

Dude, your blog sucks and I am no longer reading it. Opinions aside, your content just blows and I have had it, I would rather watch ESPN.

Do you watch football at all? Free Agents don’t fix bad teams. Remember when the Red Skins bought a bunch of hired guns and their season was a disaster? Foote is better than anything we’ve got, yes this is true. God forbid we draft young talented linebackers or linemen, we’re busy rebuilding with Quarterbacks and Tight Ends. You’re not looking at the big picture. Even the Lions aren’t sold on Foote, they’ve only signed him to a One Year Deal. This is shaping up to be hardly high profile! It’s more a case of he needs a gig and we need linebackers. If he was this cornerstone building block to solidify the defense, you think they’d commit to merely one year?! I don’t know if I can roll out the red carpet for “yeah, he’s better than Paris Lenon”. He is though. Well… Probably. 

You have to look deeply into these situations. Even if the team is BRIMMING with talent and in order to make cap space, this guy has to be cut… well… on a full roster, he was the one cut. In other words, the Steelers decided they could afford to lose Larry Foote. I’m not bashing Larry… allow me to repeat yet again, he’s better than anything we’ve got.  BUT…

For every Stephen Davis, There’s 5 Damien Woody’s. How about Rick DeMulling? Remember that? EXPECT MORE. Fellow Lions fans have become so complacent, so eager to accept this inferior product and complain when it sucks, yet congratulate them when they do the same stupid CRAP that they do year in and year out. I’m angry not because of Mr. Foote… He’s got a ring and a fine career up to this point. The Lions aren’t building from the draft like successful teams do. We had 2 picks before the Superbowl Champion Steelers and what did they take? 

I’ve even been so kind as to not constantly tie Mayhew to Millen. I’ve tried to give him his singularity and let his moves be *his* moves.  

The Peterson Trade was good because we got rid of Cory Redding. He had a bloated contract and hadn’t produced a damn thing the last 2 seasons. A credit to Mayhew, he also made chicken salad out of you know what with the Kitna trade. Kitna was going to be cut, Mayhew got something for him. He has also fleeced Dallas for Roy Williams at WR. 

That said there’s bad stuff too. I didn’t like the draft and I didn’t like the contract Stafford got. 

But who knows? I might be wrong. 

That also said, I’m definately right about one thing. I said that the Stafford pick is now Mayhew’s legacy and I stand by that. He has forgone his rookie grace period. His career as a GM will be defined by this singular pick, good or bad and I don’t think Mr. Mayhew would disagree with me. He didn’t take the base hit and go with Defense or Linemen, He is swinging for the fences with the Stafford pick. All the chips are on the table now and he is going to be judged accordingly; It will either be a home run, or he’ll be OUT. 

Thanks for reading my sucky blog.

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