Brett Favre : See Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith & O. J. Simpson


Brett Favre will be meeting with the Vikings Head Coach this afternoon. Some may say the Vikings team is a complete package minus a Quarter Back.

If they sign Favre, they’ll be a complete package!
(Minus a Quarter Back.)

Favre is joining the ranks of the NFL Future Hall of Famers that just can’t let go. Jerry Rice reluctantly retired when he could make the Seahawks roster, but only at a humble 4 on the depth chart. Emmitt Smith spent a year or two on an absolutely pitiful Cardinals team; I had the pleasure of watching the ever prestigious Joey Harrington carve them up and serve them for dinner live and in person. Smith was calling time outs for the mess of an excuse they called an offense. Does anyone remember O.J. as a 49’er? Unitas as a Charger? Montana as a Chief?

It’s understandable. You attain a certain level of skill and with it comes the fans and the worship, you get addicted to it. I used to really respect Favre, I thought of him as a talented, candid gunslinger who was part of the rich tapastry of the NFL. I never really liked him as a Quarterback… Then last year happened and ESPN was camping out at his house and proceeded to assault my intellect and well being with cold and constant enema stream of coverage. OH! Brett FAVRE walking out of his truck with a foot long burrito! OH Look! He just pulled a Vanity Fair out of his mail box! OH Look! He’s reading that magazine on the can! Wow, how long has he been in there? Must have had too much cheese on that burrito. Is that Lysol or Glade he’s spraying? More to come on ESPN SportsCenter!

Favre melted down the last 6 or 7 games as a New York Jet. It was an out an out disaster and he proved himself worth little more than a distraction. It’s sad (or funny, depending on where you fall on the fan scale) seeing these guys have so much trouble letting go.

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