My Detroit Lions Draft Grade :



Well, there you have it. 

Our 1st day was terrible, Delmas was the only decent pick. 2nd day, let’s see if any of these guys stick around in the NFL. The Lions have a rich history of 3r-7th round picks being out of professional ball within a year or two. 

I like the players… Stafford looks alright, I don’t think he’s a first overall though. Pettigrew is the best tight end on the board, this is a fact, but we are not in the position to be tight end shopping. It’s like having a boat that is full of holes and picking out a new color paint instead of getting the damn thing fixed. Tight End’s are for shoring up your offense, making something that is strong a little bit stronger. Picking up Foote in free agency because the Steelers don’t want him anymore isn’t going to fix this bad draft either. 

This team is broken, the Lions are an expansion team. I understand the QB as a statement thing, but what good is a QB without protection? Did they pick Stafford cause he can throw even when he’s on his back? Look at the winning teams in this draft. They clearly show their priority to Defense, Size and Speed. This was a Millen-esque draft, all frosting and no nutrition. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a belly-ache.

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  • The Ebony Bird

    Wow! I ranked the Lions as having the best draft in the NFL in terms of talent drafted. Sure, they didn’t address their main needs, but you have to at least give them a C then. They got the top player at 3 positions, in Delmas, Pettigrew and Stafford. You got Williams in the late 3rd round, he will make a quick impact, and you got Zac Follett, a guy I think will be a perennial starter because of his football IQ and tackling ability, in the 7TH ROUND!!!!!!!!

    You also drafted a Maryland player, which adds bonus points.

  • Joe Dexter

    I am in love with Follett already. at the least he is going to help the special teams immensley. the Kid is just amazing. When asked who his favorite player was at the combine, he said Terry Taite office linebacker.

  • lem barney

    Wow! That was fairly negative. You must be kidding yourself if you think the lions are going to win on a consistent basis anytime in the next few years. Yes, they need a lot. And one of those things being for “columnists” to be jjuuuusta wee bit positive. Donchagree Kev?

    I didn’t agree with Stafford but the more I see the more I agree; it was the only move. And the rest of the draft was so un-LIONs like I actually feel very good about it, thank you. These fellas PLAY football like its supposed to be played. Give me a great attitude and I will beat your team’s ars anytime anywhere.

  • eBuddha

    Give me a break! You my friend are waaaaaaay off base on this one. Pettigrew was drafted because of his blocking ability. He instantly improves the run AND passing game. Schwartz said they knew they wanted him when they watched Pettigrew put Orakpo in the dirt time and time again this year when they played. Delmas? Yeah, he is another 2 for 1 type player. He will help the pass defense AND the run defense. The guy flies all over the field, and straight hammers guys. We may have gotten the next Polamulu with this guy.

  • GiveMeABreak

    ferguson, the lions needed talent at every position other than K or WR. It takes offensive players more time to develop than defensive players, so this years draft was fine. Did you expect them to have a winning season this year if they would have drafted curry and a linebacker instead of stafford and pettigrew? If you think Stafford should start this year you too, you are crazy. If they don’t use next year’s draft to built the lines or defense you can bitch all you want.