My Detroit Lions Draft Grade :



Well, there you have it. 

Our 1st day was terrible, Delmas was the only decent pick. 2nd day, let’s see if any of these guys stick around in the NFL. The Lions have a rich history of 3r-7th round picks being out of professional ball within a year or two. 

I like the players… Stafford looks alright, I don’t think he’s a first overall though. Pettigrew is the best tight end on the board, this is a fact, but we are not in the position to be tight end shopping. It’s like having a boat that is full of holes and picking out a new color paint instead of getting the damn thing fixed. Tight End’s are for shoring up your offense, making something that is strong a little bit stronger. Picking up Foote in free agency because the Steelers don’t want him anymore isn’t going to fix this bad draft either. 

This team is broken, the Lions are an expansion team. I understand the QB as a statement thing, but what good is a QB without protection? Did they pick Stafford cause he can throw even when he’s on his back? Look at the winning teams in this draft. They clearly show their priority to Defense, Size and Speed. This was a Millen-esque draft, all frosting and no nutrition. I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a belly-ache.

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