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All this leads me to believe that the Lions will not pick Stafford. In fact, I think the opposite of a lot of experts; I think the Lions are flirting with Stafford to bring down the price tag of Aaron Curry or one of the two offensive tackles — not vice versa. I flat out don’t believe the reports that Stafford will be the No. 1 overall pick. I’ll believe it when I see it, because it doesn’t make sense. On the other hand, this is the Lions we are talking about — possibly the most nonsensical pro sports organization around.

My bet is that the Lions will pick Curry. Jim Schwartz is a defensive-minded coach and Curry has been packaged and pushed down our throats as “the safe pick.” He’ll be a cheaper and safer pick than Stafford even if he never becomes a superstar (which I don’t think he ever will), and one that will thrill the fan base.

If Curry goes to Motown, I owe you one, Lions fans. Last year I said the same things about OT Jake Long. I said he was overrated, the de facto No. 1 player because he was viewed as a safe pick even if others had a much higher ceiling. I also said that tackles picked later in the first round would be just as good. Branden Albert, Ryan Clady and Sam Baker proved that to be true.

Curry going first overall to the Lions would kick my draft off the right way, that’s for sure. In the long run it would be what’s best for all of us Chiefs fans.

During the unveiling of the “new” logo that you all know about because you read this blog, the Lions fans that went out there were chanting “Don’t Draft Stafford” 

You see… We *KNOW*. We *UNDERSTAND*.

I’m still convinced the Detroit Lions will draft Stafford. It’s not the worst possible pick, but like I’ve said around nine million times, I want J Smith. I want a big nasty Lineman. I don’t think that they will favor us in this regard, as I feel the team is desperate for a face to the franchise. Kevin Smith is good but he’s not a QB, he’s at a disposable position. Ernie Sims is hurt too often to be embraced and Calvin Johnson… Why isn’t Calvin out there more? Why isn’t Calvin the front face of the Franchise? Well… they want a QB. They want a storied kind of guy, they want to sell us pure potential. 

All of the mock drafts have the Lions taking Stafford for a reason. 

Arrowhead hates Curry, I think his exact words were “I pray you draft him so that we won’t, LB’s that can’t rush the passer are useless”… something like that. 

I would take Curry and smile. It’s better than Stafford. We’ll know in a day or two, this deal is going to happen fast right before the draft, it always does.

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