The 2009 NFL Schedule has been Released.

New Schedule.

Have you ever noticed we’re always away at San Fran? They never come here to Detroit .

Everyone is acting really excited, but I think the NFL schedule is the same every 4 years or so. I find it a little strange though, I thought when you suck as bad as we did last year, i.e. being the worst team in the history of the sport, you’d get a softer schedule.

This is not an easy schedule. Granted there are a few teams in transition like the Browns, Seattle and San Fran, but we’re also playing a good chunk of the 2008 Playoff Teams like the Cards, the Ravens and the Defending Superbowl Champion Steelers.

So are we doing mock records yet? Everyone else probably is. But I’m not doing so yet. Why? Let’s see where the draft takes the Detroit Lions. I’m hoping they don’t pick Stafford but I’m pretty sure that they will.

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