Matt Stafford's Private Workout "Flawless"; Cutler is Officially on the Trading Block

Does this mean the Lions will draft him?

Much remains to be seen in the next two coming weeks. MUCH.

Why? Because Denver’s owner has now stated that he’s ready to move Cutler. I guess this means I’m going to still have to beat this dead horse to death again… WE NEED CUTLER. We need someone with some credibility, someone with some experience, someone who has gotten some wins. This is not a place for a rookie QB to cut his teeth.

Get HIM! And perhaps that’s the plan. Perhaps that is why the Lions are talking about how flawless lil’ Matty Staffs was. Pump him up to get Denver to trade for the number 1 and give us Cutler and the 12.

Cross your fingers?

Sorry there hasn’t been much to post lately. Seriously, this is the most exhilarating news since Dan Orlovsky’s High School retired his jersey number.

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