Cutler is All but Officially on the Trading Block... Dare We Dream?


Dare a Lions fan dream?

There are 2 major factors in our way from acquiring Jay Cutler:

1.) Denver is going to want a viable quarterback to utilize no matter what deal they make. They aren’t coming off of a trash can season in Denver, despite the head coaching turnover they were only one game out of the playoffs last season. In this situation, we have little to offer. Well… We have less than little… we have NOTHING. Had Matt Stafford or Sanchez really managed to stand out, this story would be playing out very differently. Stafford looked good… But not Peyton Manning good. It’s not a case where we could offer Culpepper… No one wanted him and I feel it’s safe to say that hasn’t really changed.

2.) Competition. There is a lot of it. Cutler is coveted by many teams in the league and snatching him up will prove difficult. Working in our favor is the fact that other teams desperate for a QB won’t have much to offer Denver either, and in that regard we can at least guarantee them their choice of Stafford or Sanchez with our no. 1 pick. My dream trade would be our no. 1 for Cutler and Denver’s no. 12. Wann throw in a 4th or something? cool.

I was listening to some sports talk radio and a caller threw out a GENIUS idea: Get Cleveland involved in this. They have Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson, both possible starters and they have a great deal of money tied up in both players. Can we work a crazy trade where Quinn or Anderson end up in Denver, we get cutler and Cleveland gets a pick or something like that? Cleveland is sitting at 4 and I’m fine with whatever lands there frankly. Defense… Offense… we need both and at 4 something we need will be there and Cleveland can go after whomever they want.

A guy can dream, right? There has to be a way to land Cutler, it has to be there. Mayhew has made magic happen with Roy Williams and Kitna, there has to be a way to finagle this kid out of Denver and get them something they want. We have the first overall to offer, it’s not like we’re coming to table with nothing here, we’ve got the key to the candy store here and this is a talent rich draft at many meat and potatoes positions on Offense and Defense (except QB frankly).

There are still several weeks left and trust me, not much is going to happen immediately. Denver isn’t stupid as an organization, they are annoyed with Cutlers behavior but they realize his value. Teams want this guy and they simply aren’t going to settle for the first flimsy offer that comes their way; they are going to protect their interests.

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