Why Terrell Owens Took A Contract With The Buffalo Bills

The media is abuzz with the move made by Buffalo, acquiring Terrell Owens who was released by the Dallas Cowboys. Everyone keeps asking “why”… Why did he go there? Why did the Bills pick him up? Why didn’t he wait a little longer and wait for other offers?

I’m going to clue you in on a little secret…

There were no other offers.

The Question “why would Terrell Owens go to a team with a 2nd year quarterback who hasn’t really established himself as a playmaker in a Buffalo market that challenges even the Lions in Fan Apathy to play in god awful weather conditions on a last place team” answers itself. Buffalo is a terrible place to play. The team has been a disaster since their last Superbowl run in … 95’ish?

Terrell now has a reputation as being a problem. He’ll get you media coverage, but it’s usually for all the wrong reasons and NFL teams simply don’t want to deal with that kind of coverage. It casts a shadow over their organization.

We’ll never know the whole story, I doubt T.O. will be forthcoming with details about how little interest there was on the free agent market for a mouthy receiver that has a reputation for being locker room cancer. But the facts speak for themselves in this case. Buffalo?! Yeah, that was probly the only offer on the table and T.O.’s agent didn’t get a single phone call from anyone else, so he advised his client to just take the offer.

I’m sure Roy Williams is smiling somewhere in Texas…

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