Terrell Owens Now Has 25,000,001 Reasons To Be Alive...He's The Allen Iverson of The NFL

He was picked by Buffalo for a 1 year, 6.5 Million Dollar Contract.


I’m going to share with you tales of my adolescence… You see. I have a confession to make. I grew up a Bills fan. I don’t know why I latched on to that team, I just loved them. I loved Bruce Smith and Andre Reed with Don Bebe on the other side… Jim Kelly and Thurman… Memories *sniff*; It was quite a ride, a solid four years of brutal heartache that ultimately prepared me to be a Michigan State Spartan Football fan. The well has been awful dry in Buffalo…

I don’t think Terrell will bring rain to cure the famine.

Owens Cowboys Football

Owens is a problem. If the Cowboys won’t put up with your crap despite your production, then what does that say about you?

Terrel Owens is the Alan Iverson of the NFL.


Physically gifted with amazing ability.


Never won a championship and never will.

They are bright and flashy, but for some reason, they are also devisive and problematic when you are trying to build unity. The Detroit Pistons are having a “T.O.” like problem. Iverson is very talented, no where near where he was 7 years ago, but still good, yet he doesn’t make people around him play better. And in a salary cap sport, that’s what you need. You need a guy that is unifying; a guy that not only gels everyone togther, but gets guys to play above their own ability. It’s a magic formula that no one truly knows the ingredients of. Can you put a finger on the magic that the New England Patroits conjure up every year, or the 2006 Detroit Tigers or the 2007 Rockies? How about when the Dodgers picked up Manny, Boston’s “problem” and shot from near last to first in their division? You can’t predict sucess, but you can see what fails. Football requires a lot of guys and year in and year out, it is really, REALLY hard to get all these guys on the same page.

And despite my inability to reveal to you the magic formula, I can tell you what’s not in it.

A guy like Terrel Owens. And now he’s got the track record behind him, much like the one that Iverson gained: 3 Teams, 0 Titles and Countless Seasons of Underachievement in the wake of high expectations.

One thing he will do though… Bring the Press with him.

You won’t be able to get a parking space in Buffalo this season. That happened with the Pistons. Detroit was never on ESPN, then the Iverson Trade happened and boom, every day the Pistons were on the big show.

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