Matt Stafford?

It’s kind of become my new epiphany…

I know that what we need is a strong lineman or a tough defensive player, that is the most urgent need. Yet, there are intangibles that need to be addressed when you’re dealing with what was the worst team in NFL history:

The Quarterback Position.


It’s there plain and simple. Orlovski will not be a Lion anymore and let’s face it, the way that line is shaping up, Culpepper won’t make it through September. The guy is made of glass and he’s been hurt. Like a LOT. He hasn’t managed to last very far into the season for his past few seasons. Where does this leave us if he goes down?

Now don’t get it twisted, I realize that Stafford is running a routine. You want the Team with the No. 1 pick to love you and need you and hopefully offer you a dumptruck full of money, most of it guaranteed. He’s playing the game and woo’ing his potential suitors, and that’s fine, that’s how the game is played. You don’t get to go where you want unless you want to look like a toddler that pooped his pants, dug his hand in to check and got it all over his Lego castle. *cough*Eli Manning*cough*; If you don’t get to chose, you might as well make as much money as you possibly can for however long you have to be there before your free agency.

One thing I’m starting to like about Matt Stafford, aside from his decent combine performance, are his intangibles like personality and leadership in both the huddle and in the locker room. I think there is potential in this young player and it could be something that the Lions could benefit from. Yes I know you’re not supposed to build from the outside in and blah blah blah Troy Aikman carried by his super effective offensive line and what not. I know.

But I don’t trust the Lions to go with the building blocks first. But I’m getting more comfortable. I won’t bash my head against the wall when it’s announced a few days before the draft that Matt Stafford has signed a contract with the Lions.

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