Andre Smith, It's Just Insanely Bizarre

What kind of lengths would you go to in order to ensure that you won’t end up in Detroit?


Let’s roll it down the timeline.
It’s the Sugarbowl, the biggest game of his college career and he can’t play in it. Why? Suspended for violating, not just team rules, NCAA rules. He was talking to an agent. For the case and point of ‘blah blah blah’, I’ll go on the record as saying that it’s a stupid rule and a senior should be able to start lining up his opportunies to finally get paid for what he’s been doing for free for the last 8-9 years, risking his body and his ability to earn an income on the field. In the end though, you’re not allowed to do this and it puts the college program in a bad position; It threatens everything.

Okay, He made a bad choice.
So now he rolls into the combine, overweight and out of shape WITHOUT AN AGENT. No folks, the irony is not lost on any of us. And he quits in the middle of it all.

Is this a ploy? Were the rumors and words coming down the grapevine leading to him going to the black hole of destruction where the team sucks and the weather isn’t nice. Was all this… well, either really crazy or really dumb behavior all in a ploy to knock down his stock and keep him out of Detroit and out of the hallowed halls of shame next to statues of Charles “China Doll” Rogers, Mike “Fatty Fatty BO Batty” Williams and Joey “Champagne and Strawberries” Harrington? Am I missing any other notable disasters? Maybe the kid is talking one out of the Shaun Rogers play book. Stop caring, get fat, get the team to stamp your train ticket out of town.

The beauty of fandom is that we get to speculate until its time to lay our hand down and give the card to the commissioner.

On a fun TV sidenote, I watched about 2 hours of guys doing the 40 yard dash on NFL Network last night. I don’t really know why, it was on I guess. It made me question what the point of the combine is. What does it really tell you about how a player is going to be? Aside from “he weighs this much and can run this fast”, there are no ways to measure the intangibles that come into play when you get on the field come game day. The only way to find out is to let him strap on some pads and start taking some hits.

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