I should probably mention that Mike Furrey was on Sirius Satellite Radio and claimed that Culpepper will be the starter next year. But whatever. It’s the Lions Quarterback. Who cares? It’s not like people talk about it. Or speculate. Incessantly. Dante has experience, so seriously, whatever. Whoever you get is a placeholder and nothing more. 


The real fun begins on Thursday. I hope you have the NFL Network as the combine begins, they will have live coverage and constant commentary and it’s nice and addictive, I’m going to try to spend a few hours a day getting my fix and watching the many young hopefuls have their stock rise and fall. I don’t think the big names will be there but that’s okay. This is where the real successful teams find their gems, rounds 3-5. Good teams have guys rising to the occasion, virtually out of nowhere and making big plays. Then you have our team. Are any of our guys drafted in rounds 3-5 for the past 8 years even still in the league? We’ve got 1st rounders, top 15 actually, that aren’t playing in the league. Say that out loud, seriously, try it. You’ll be all bummed out for like an hour just letting that fact sink in and blow your mind. 

Also on NFL Network, they are going to follow around Crabtree and Cushing and do a documentary on their entering and preparing for the draft. It’s gonna be sweet!

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