Ewwwww. Mike Vick Talk.

I don’t like Mike Vick. As a player. 

I despise him as a person. We’ll just get that out there in the open.

As a player he was a decent Athlete that could scramble and he just so happened to throw the ball (poorly) when the situation called for it. He was a wretched QB, he can run but if you crush the pocket and give him no place to go, he can’t hit the broadside of a barn with a football. Even the Lions embarrassed him a few years ago in Marinelli’s first year. It was a simple trick, force him to be a quarterback. Take away his scrambling options and just let him throw the ball. Pick after fumble after pick, Mike Vick will show you that he sucks as a QB. 

With all this talk about the Falcons shopping his contract rights around, all teams beware and stay away from this train wreck in waiting, no matter how desperate and/or pathetic your roster is. I don’t think the Lions would touch this guy, and may the universal sense of justice in the cosmos keep this A-hole from ever pulling another NFL check. 

Good Riddance Micheal Vick, We Knew Too Much of Ye.

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