Today We Say Goodbye To The Only Thing Matt Millen Did Right: Goodbye Black Alternate Jersey


Mayhew has announced that the alternate will be the retro jersey that we know and love from previous Thanksgiving Games.

Last month I received this random e-mail:

Now that the Millen regime is over, can we please get rid of the black trim on our uni’s helmets?  The whole “Lets look more like my
Raiders” thing never sat well with me, and I have still yet to buy a
single piece of Lions gear since we added black to our colors (and I
used to buy a TON of Lions gear).  Can we please switch back to the
good old ‘Honolulu blue and silver” (not black) Lions?  Even if we
don’t go back completely to the old uni’s, how about a variation of
our throwback uni’s (the coolest in the league).  Just please get rid
of the black trim. Every team and their mother is doing that
now…lets not be like every other team.

I hear this alot, its not just a sentiment that is in the minority, there a lot of (older, generally) people that feel this way. Younger people like the black jerseys and RBK clothes. *I* like the black a lot, I prefer it over the general blue hoodies that are just too bright for words often. Yeah, it’s team periphanelia and it’s supposed to catch people’s eye; I just feel that they look dated.

The letter sender has a point though, there are so many teams that do the black alternate now, it’s become a bit contrived. But maybe everyone is doing because it looks so good!

In the end its just a matter of personal taste and the GM, Mr. Mayhew, ultimately decides the fate of what colors are available to you on at the Roar and More on that first preseason game day in August.

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