O Leigh Bodden, We Hardly Knew Ye

As you probly know by now, though official cuts cannot happen until next week, Bodden got “the Call” from Mayhew alerting him to the fact that he shouldn’t bank on getting his 8.6 million dollar roster bonus. PS, wow that is a gawdy number for a crappy corner.

Says Bodden:

“As long as I’m working, I really don’t mind,” (said the day after the Lions finished the NFL’s first 0-16 season.) “Having a job in the NFL is great. I want to play football. That’s what I do. So I don’t care where I’m at.”

On Returning as a Lion:

“If it was a coaching staff that really appreciated me and really liked what I did as a player, then, of course. That’s really what I didn’t get here, and it’s hard to play for somebody like that.
“If they bring somebody in that respects the way that I play, because I’m one of the best in the league, and if a coaching staff can respect that, then I’ll be happy anywhere.”

I highlighted that last part in case just reading it wasn’t enough to make your head spin and your jaw drop. He thinks he’s one of the best in the league? HE. HIM. HE, LEIGH BODDEN, THINKS HE IS ONE OF THE BEST IN THE LEAGUE?!?!!

He turned out an interception this season.

Wait Kevin, You didn’t say how many!

Oh but I did! ONE. One Interception. Singular. One. Friggin’ one.

And he thinks he is one of the best in the league. Having been on the 2nd worst defense in the history of the NFL. Cutting him is a good move, he’s not worth the money and even on our crappy team, a decent corner could at least do something despite the crappy team around him. I’m not saying I would expect a quality player to put up Deion Sanders numbers but for god sakes, I expect more than one interception and virtual invisibility on game day.

Bye Bye Bodden!

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