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Pic from Getty Images

Pic from Getty Images


Mike was not happy with the way it went down, apparently this morning/afternoon Mayhew called him and informed him that although nothing has been officially done today, he was calling all the guys on the roster that were slated to be cut. 

Mike had a strong start here in Detroit under the Mike Martz system of passing the ball 1,001 times in a football contest, but this year his numbers were way way wayyyyy down and he suffered a season ending concussion this season.

I like the guy, how can you not love a guy that a year prior was a third/fourth string CB and gets set in Martz’s wacky show on turf and all of a sudden is top of the pile in the NFC at WR. He’s a scrappy guy and a tough competitor so I bid you farewell Mike, may you find success in another city in this fickle thing we call NFL!

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