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2 Things With Arizona Going To The Superbowl; Oh, and Mock Drafts. Lot's of them.

1.) The Lions stand alone as the only original team to not make it to the big game. 

2.) Kurt Warner will be wearing a tan jacket in a few years. 3 Super Bowls, 1 Ring ( and possibly 2), some serious statistics and done in what feels like 2 different eras over 10 years. The guy is a Hall of Fame quarterback, plain and simple; that’s that. 

Congrats Cardinals. We were the only team drafting stupider a few years ago and yet with a new and vibrant coach, a few tweaks here and there and bam! You’re in the big game. Is there hope for our Lions? 





Apparently mock drafts are insanely popular, even in January. Did you know this? I didn’t know this but the minute I started asking people about it I found that people are Googling this stuff all the time. 

There are a few serious business mock draft databases and the’s that I just knocked out over the weekend is up there along with the other fan sided bloggers. 

DC Sports 

Hail Redskins

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