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Your 25th Coach of the Detroit Lions Is:

Jim Schwartz.

Lewand has issued a letter this afternoon stating that the choice has been made and your new headcoach is the man from Tennesse, the Defensively minded Jim Schwartz.

Opinion from me?

Good job. This guy is from a good system and made a consistently punishing defense when he had goo players in place or wasn’t beleagered with injuries.

So good move Lions! I feel that this was the best guy available that would take the job.

On a side note, USC’s Mark Sanchez declared himself eligible for the draft. Didn’t see that coming, I actually enjoyed watching him carve Penn State up to pieces in the Rose Bowl, however history shows that taking an underclassmen QB is franchise suicide. On the other hand, we could call him Dirrrty Sanchez.

So 1st overall? Oh sweet dear god no, but if you can scoop him up later, perhaps this would a good pick up.

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