Showtime's Inside The NFL : Garrett and Bradford

The Showtime show is setting out the rumors (Lombardi did it) that the Lions are in love with Jason Garrett and they are looking to select Sam Bradford 1st overall.

2 absolutely god awful decisions.

Garrett is responsible for (duh dun da da…) Tony Romo. What have the Lions brass always yearned for? a QB. Has this guy sold Ford and his boys frick and frack the bill of goods?
The Ravens referred to the Cowboys offense as easy and predictable. So you’ve got a solid offensive line, a great running back, and Terrel Owens and Roy (LOL) Williams and you can’t generate a win? You can’t mix it up just a little? Sounds like this guy *IS* perfect for the Lions job. Why would anything change?

Now as far as Sam Bradford is concerned, this pick would solidify that Mayhew hasn’t learned a damn thing. It’s going to be 8 more years of the same crap. We’re not going to fall for it this time. I don’t care if he looks like a stud during the title game tonight. We need beefy offensive tackles. if you can get Bradford with the 2nd 1st rounder we have, cool. Mozeltov. But first overall? What has history shown about this practice? ?!?!?!?

Lions. Oye.

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