So This Millen Thing Won't Go Away...

I was not happy seeing him on TV. It was a soft, wet slip’n’slide interview from Dan Patrick and Millen didn’t really get the screws put to him. 

Yeah, we all wanted him to get pinned down… but he’s on the staff now. And I feel dirty for saying it, but he’s pretty damn good on TV. He’s bright, he’s vibrant and he steals the show. And know, I’m not writing this from the motel room we got together; (he’s classy, he took me to the Westin with his fancy Lions money). This is what the guy is good at. 

And you can’t deny his pedigree on the field. The guy has four flippin’ rings for godsakes. 

Think Nationally. Hey guess what Detroit, no one cares about us. We are 0-16 and completely irrelevant. We are a footnote, something to mock and ridicule. Yet they don’t even do that much… Because, again, they don’t care about us enough to mock us. The Lions are not a national team. We are that team in blue that gets murdered on turkey day, that boring interlude before the Cowboys game where the announcers have to make crappy small talk for the entire 2nd half of the game. When was the last Monday Night Football game? That was like a million years ago. 

For us, seeing Millen is like the NBC network throwing the 8 years of football misery and failure in our face, but for NBC it’s hiring a solid football analyst that was recently made available. So get used to it. You’re going to see a lot of Matt Millen; Not just the Super Bowl. Draft Day and this and that and all that jazz. And I’ll take him over Collinsworth. 

Stay strong Lions fans, we’ve got a draft to screw up in a few months.

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