T’row dem Bowles; T’row dat Roy Williams Trade Out Ya Mind

The NFL Network reports the Lions have received permission to speak with Dolphins assistant head coach Todd Bowles next week. Bowles, who coaches the Dolphins’ secondary and was a former Redskins teammate of Mayhew, made the move to Miami with rookie head coach Tony Sparano this season after spending three years in Dallas and four in Cleveland coaching defensive backs.


Read the whole John Niyo article here.  Homeboy worked with Mayhew and you know how the Lions feel about bringing in guys they know. I can’t argue with with they’ve done in Miami, but that 1-15 is not as wretched as our 0-16; they weren’t getting absolutely creamed as the Lions were. 

I just can’t feel that these guys are going to get the right guy… They haven’t in the last 8 years, why/how is that going to magically change all of a sudden because frick and frack (millen-anelli) are gone. Like it was 100% these guys making the mess? Lewand and Meyhew were completely impotent in the last eight years and I’m to believe that getting rid of Millen has unleased their magic, that’s why that trade with the inept and desperate Cowboys happened. 

Y’see… with the Lions “it is what it is”… and that’s what that trade is. Luck. They fell into it. Jerry Jones had his star QB hurt and he felt “America’s Team” was penciled in  on the Lambardi Trophy. He was desperate and it made him crazy and we all know he likes to put the screws to the people running the team under him; He gets all wet and rubbery for Roy Williams, a hometown Texas boy that can sell some jerseys and fill some seats while Romo’s hand heals and Jessica Simpson stares into his dreamy eyes. Jone’s line of thinking fell into the ‘burn it all up, full throttle to the Super Bowl THIS YEAR’. That was his line of thinking. This wasn’t a genius trade. It was beneficial, for sure, but that doesn’t make it a cunning stunt. They fell into it. They had a desperate guy that is frivolous with his resources and they happened to have what he wanted. End of story. 

Anyway, to all the fans throwing out these crazy scenarios, like Bill Parcels leaving the Dolphins cause of some goofy out clause in his contract and coming to fix the Lions, STOP. It’s not going to happen.

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  • Increase Mather

    I’ve stopped fighting it……the Lions are actually funny, like a good comedy improv group.  If you stop expecting progress and instead sit back and enjoy the show….they really are quite entertaining.

    Who else but Bill Ford would keep Millen’s YES men and promote them?  I mean…..on some level that’s actually very funny.  What qualifies Mayhew to be an NFL GM???……why, of course, the answer is….NOTHING.  It’s like Ford has this inside joke he’s playing…..and the rest of us need to stop taking the Lions seriously….and just start seeing the humor.

    Now Mayhew is going to name one of his buddies head coach….and we’re on the road to 0-32….c’mon, that’s worth a good gafaw.

    This team is terrible because the people who run it are terrible.

    At one time I shared season tickets with friends, we long ago stopped attending games…..I suggest you do the same.

    Nothing will change until Ford is gone from the scene.

  • Jack Poma

    I agree. All this speculation about who the next head coach of the Lie-ons will be cracks me up. Billick? Spagnuolo? Garrett?
    WHO GIVES A SHIT? A bad organization will never produce a winner, even if Jesus comes down to be the coach. As long as Bill “45 Years of Mediocrity” Ford owns the team, it’ll be just more of the same crap. People need to vote with their wallets – quit buying tickets, quit buying paraphernalia, quit watching them on TV, QUIT GIVING THESE IDIOTS YOUR MONEY!