Lotta Churning Around in the NFL Today

You obviously know about Marinelli’s sacking; but what about the Jets firing their coach for missing the playoffs by one game? What a luxury. We’ve never been blessed with that kind of leadership from the front office. While other teams expect more and hold personnel accountable for their Wins to Losses ration, we finally fire Marinelli who has won 10 games in 3 years.

And do what you ask? Barely anything. A tolken firing of the second sacrificial lamb and promoting the two guys directly under Millen;
Keep Jim Collette, just demoting him back to an offensive lineman coach. I think this lends credence to the Billick rumors, as Collette has ties to him. Your next head coach of the Detroit Lions will most likely be Brian Billick. I would happily offer the Defense Co-ordinator job to Romeo Cronell too.

I’ll take it, at least the guy has done something before underperforming for several years out in Baltimore.

So we switch to the real Lions football season… we watch Bowl games and speculate as to who we will fritter away our draft picks on.

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