Lions Fire Rod Marinelli, coaching staff

UPDATE: According to the Lions website, Offensive coordinator Jim Colletto will remain with the organization. He will become the offensive line coach in 2009.

Well, who blames them. After sporting a 0-16 record for the first time in NFL history, The Lions announced early this morning that Head Coach Rod marinelliMarinelli has been fired today.

The former head coach led the Lions to a 10-38 record in three years under the helm. Reports have also surfaced that all coaches will be fired beyond running backs coach Sam Gash and wide receiver coach Shaun Jefferson.

The Lions finished last in almost every defensive category this season.

Despite all the bad news surrounding the team, after finishing the worst performance, the Lions did get some good news on Sunday night. After a Cowboys loss, it seems the first round pick for Roy Williams will fall somewhere in the middle of the first round, instead of the end of it. Though that can’t cure who is picked, it is at least something to be thankful for.

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