I Demand To See Matt Millen At Lambeau Field Tomorrow.

And you should too.


I want to see every reaction. I want to see him doing that stupid half praying, half zoning out thing that he does during the many Lions losses over the last 8 years. I want him on the 50 yard line, row one in the freezing cold and I want him on camera. A LOT. I wanna see it, I want him to squirm and grimace at this football styled abortion he has unleashed upon us. Ford Sr. should be sitting there next to him. Perhaps they can share nips of brandy from a fancy flask.

He is the patriarch of history this week! This is his Sunday really. This is his baby, and it’s time for Mr. Millen to sit there and watch it graduate. The Worst Team in NFL History, a title all his own and of his creation with players and Coaches that he not only hand picked, he stuck with inexplicably and demanded no change even when the whole thing was falling apart.

I want to see you there to enjoy it Mr. Millen, you Prince of Princes and you should be there as well Mr. Ford, you King of Kings. This is your day! You’ll be all over Fox and CBS and surely ESPN will have you both plastered all over the place this week, showing your reactions to the highlights as Green Bay lights the Lions up like a Christmas Tree in the center of downtown.

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