Rod Marinelli : The Eternal Optimist


“Who wants to look at a leader who’s a grouch or a pouter? There’s too much of that here anyway, isn’t it? Too much around. So when things are bad, a leader’s supposed to step up and lead from the front, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

Honestly you can’t hate the guy. At the very least his attitude has been consistent, though lately you can tell that this coaching position and this season are clearly taking their toll on him. The answers are more terse… The shoulder has a chip on it. And for good reason! Their backs are clearly against the wall. 

What else can you say when you can’t actually say it? The team lacks talent. The defense is, at best, a disaster. He’s gotta get up on that podium and say something and answer questions, so really what can he talk about? He’s noted that he believes in these guys, that his attitude hasn’t changed and that he is going to perservier along with these soldiers he has hand chosen and “dig” his way out of the “hole” even though “they don’t know if there is light at the end” or not. PS, in case you were wondering, his shovel is sharp and his will is outstanding. 

And really, what else can he say? It’s not getting done on the field and people are not happy, fans are not happy and they aren’t going to the games, thus the games are blacked out on local TV, the reporters aren’t happy because fundamentally, the coach won’t change amidst the fact that his system is not working. That is why Rob Parker is putting the screws to him every week. That is why Drew Sharp is ripping him to shreds every week. That is why the Detroit News is making a mockery of this season and referring to it as “The Road To XVI”, referring to the possibility of a winless season. And THAT is why it’s starting to get to Coach Marinelli. The pressure is crushing and the seat is hot and uncomfortable. It’s not looking good for Coach and his shovel. 

As for this week, maybe Culpepper will get a little better and the Lions can eek one out, but that is not probable considering the way the Lions have been playing at home. We won’t know until Thursday as far as the prospect of the game finding it’s way onto television. Tampa Bay isn’t going to give this away, they have 7 wins, so we’ll have to see (by streaming of course) what happens on the field

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