Word on the Street is That Pioli Will Take the Right Offer...

detnews.com article 

This could just be wishful thinking… but just imagine the possibilities… 


This guy is the real deal. He’s done it, the guys under him (ie, that Falcons Team that whooped on us week 1) are proving themselves in the league and this guy is a guru of guru’s, the Lions are very desirable because they can offer the whole enchilada with extra sauce. 

If Ford wants to win (and we know that he does), he will fetch an F-350 and fill the bed to the brim with cash, grab Jr. and road trip it out to New England this off season. Pioli is a salty dog that knows how to make a successful team happen, for godsakes look at New England right now! Tom Brady, 1st or 2nd best in the NFL depending on who you ask, goes down with injury and the Pats are still competing for that division with Matt Cassel. This guy can build a machine that just keeps going, irregardless of what happens. 


Now the other thing I wanted to do: What the hell is up with the officiating in this league?!?!

Culpepper was screwed on that 2pt conversion, it was a blatant personal foul and this is not the first time the officials have screwed over the Lions. That aside, the Pitt and San Diego officiating, whoa whoa whoa! Man oh man. I’m listening to the sports talk radio and its the consensus that something fishy was going on… a handful of people made a *LOT* of money by the Steelers not covering the spread as a result of a strange call back of that final touchdown. HMMMM. Things that make you go HMMMMMM.

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