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Our QB's Done Did Good

They “did good” except for holding onto the ball too long, so says Colletto:


“Both he and Daunte held the ball a little bit, a couple of times…And that happens when they don’t play. Their first time out there and the speed of the game and making instant decisions, that happens to a lot of quarterbacks when they first start out. They hold the ball a little too long.”

It was the Rookie’s first game and the Veteran’s first game in a looong time. Like it or lump it, the next test is against a good team, one with a murderous pass rush that is going to pound our O-Line play after play after play. 

Check out John’s Cat Crave Radio for a little interview action and learn the one thing I think Matt Millen will have forever, something no one else will ever be able to get in Pro Sports. If you want to cheat, it’s at around the ten minute mark.


Drew Henson cleared waivers (because nobody wants him) and he is back on the practice squad. Also in other painfully uninteresting news, Aveion Cason has been resigned as well in order to “improve” the special teams return squad alongside Adam Jennings who wasn’t good enough to play on the Atlanta Falcons, I’m sure you remember them. They were that team we played on day 1 that was supposed to be rebuilding because it was left in shambles last year so like, we were totally supposed to like… smash them to pieces and we were even favored on the road for the first time in a million years and the Falcons took us to SCHOOL… IN THE FIRST TEN MINUTES of the game. It’s been all downhill since.

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