This Loss Fit Like a Glass Slipper

It just felt… natural, y’know? 

It’s not new to us that the Lions will lead for a sizeable portion of the game and give that up in the 4th. It’s also not new that the Lions actually controlled their own destiny with 5 minutes to go, only to end up 4th down and a million thanks to poor blocking, sloppy play execution and of course, Jeff Backus’ patented 3rd down twitch. 

It’s not like the Bears grabbed this one by the horns… they went 3 and out. They even fetched a turnover and still couldn’t do jack with it. 

I’m not going to lie, I wanted something to happen with that 43 second drive; It almost looked like Orlovsky was orchestrating something, but it was just not to be. We were simply taking what they were giving us and they let us march right up to the edge of the red zone, but it sure did tighten up after that. 

So here we are. Again. Winless at 8 games in the can. Again. For the second time with Marinelli, who is now 1-16 in the last 17 games. Fire him.

Will it accomplish anything? No. Do I have a good reason? Yes! BECAUSE I SAID SO. That’s why. I know its a futile move but I want heads rolling with fire and brimstone shooting out of Allen Park. We are not happy with this team and we, as fans and supporters, want to see these guys that tanked our team with their crappy talent evaluation and shoddy coaching skills getting a thanksgiving turkey as an unemployed member of society. We are tired of the insulting pressers where Rod repeats this same garbage talk about practicing well and fundamentals while he puts a piss poor squad on the field. Ride him out of town on a rail, goodbye! Scedattle! Shoo!


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