Fire Marinelli.

Time to go champ. Can we say it any more clearly? : 

Special teams was a disaster, the defense just wasn’t there in the second half of the game and our offense couldn’t get it done in the clutch.

I’m over Dan Orlovsky. His numbers are OKAY, he pulled an 88.2 QB rating mainly because he doesn’t turn it over. But a QB that doesn’t turn it over is like a Defense Lineman that never gets called offsides. Great there’s no punishment, but it’s because the guy won’t take risks. You get sacks when you jump the snap and you get big plays when you force the ball the right way. Ask Brett Favre, he’s the king of that. 

The season is a complete wash a 0-7 and I want to see Stanton get in the mix. I also want Collette’s head on a platter, he and Marinelli should both be canned. They are clearly inadequate as a coaching staff. The Head coach can get up on the plodium and talk about practice and work and all the other horse crap he shovels at us every monday afternoon, but in the National Football League there is only one thing that you can be judged by: Your Wins/Losses. The situation has gotten away from him and it looks like Mike Martz was carrying the team. It’s a failing grade, it’s time to move on from these yahoo’s. 



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