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At 0-6, You Have To Consider It a Matter Of Talent.


The bottom line is that we lack talent on both sides of the ball. 0-6 is a rough, rough way to start the season, and yet, for us it’s also a familiar one. In fact, we just did this 2 years ago during Rod’s first season. 

The problem with writing about the Lions is that it becomes impossible to pick apart a game. You can’t compartmentalize bad plays or lost games as isolated incidents when the evidence just keeps piling up over the course of 8 years. The mantra has been to get rid of Millen, but now that he’s gone, what do we do next? The team obviously intends to wait till the end of the season. I don’t know if that’s the wise or shrewd thing to do, or if it’s wasting time. Floyd Reese would be a good fit, but I guess the team wants to see what’s out there by seasons end. 

Getting as many draft picks as we did from Dallas will really help the new guy develop something during the transition, a nice shot in the arm. There even may be some promising existing talent such as Cherilus and Johnson

He did make that totally sweet scoop from Orlovsky, throwing out of our own endzone. The only thing that irks me about that play is that we were already out of the game at that point. Was that execution the result of talent and precision or the result of the other team being so far ahead that the secondary took a play off and was caught off guard. 

One thing I would like to do is congratulate Jason Hanson, the best Lion on the team. He’s a salty dog veteran that is still full of gas and sinking 50+ yarders. 

The biggest shame is that Hanson is on a team like ours, not a team that plays competitively. He would have the high regard as an ultra clutch kicker like Adam Vinateri if the Lions could have managed to play relevant ball in December during his career. 

The Redskins are next on the docket. Mike Nolan was fired today as well, at 2-5. Mike Singletary has been an heir apparent for at least five years now, let’s all wish him luck along with Mike Martz.

Rod Marinelli is still our coach at 0-6. We’ll see how it all goes. 


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