Marinelli's Temper Flares When Questioned About Cherilus

Why aren’t you starting your first round round pick coach?

“I don’t think there’s a right of entitlement. I don’t care what draft status is. Do you understand what that means, draft status? I look at a team. 

“Some of you guys sit up in the bleachers all day eating popcorn looking down. I’m in the middle of the arena, in a team meeting, and if I’m 0-5 or 5-0 I look at those men with the same consistent message. The guy who’s playing well is gonna play. That respects our game. Do you understand what respect of this game means?”

“And the way you hurt high draft picks in the past here: ‘Hey, it’s yours. C’mon, yours. You can mess up all you want. You can gain weight. You can do anything you want and you’re going to still play… That insults this game now. That insults it.”

So we are going to see what respect for the game looks like on sunday. I think we’ve been seeing what “respect for the game” looks like every Sunday this season. /sarcasm. 

I don’t like that he’s throwing around the word respect when he and his organization handled Jon Kitna’s situation in the manner that they did. Here you have a veteran guy, you’ve clearly decided that he does not fit the direction you want to take in the future so in essence you’re wasting each others time. Okay, fine, but you can only play ball for so long, this guy is on the clock. IR’ing him is insulting and a less than fitting for a man that sacrificed his body behind the crappy offensive line the Lions have had for … how long? When did Barry retire? 

If you wanted to RESPECT THE GAME and respect its players, these men that sacrifice themselves and risk their well being on the grid iron, you take a guy like Kitna and cut him loose. Don’t want him, that’s fine, but someone else will. There are 31 other teams and injuries happen ALL THE TIME. Allow him to find opportunity elsewhere. 

Rod talks the talk. He talks about respecting the game, he talks about toughness and fundamentals. He puts a veteran player on IR to get him out of the way, he puts a product on the field that plays soft, gives up big plays and if they aren’t getting blown out, they are lacking the will and determination to win the close ones. 

Hey, that’s what I see. Maybe I’m too busy with my popcorn in the bleachers.

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