Like a Teenager On Prom Night, The Cowboys Are Fast To Make a Move

Will his middle initial be on the jersey at any point or is that reserved for other Roy Williams? 

Jerry Jones was obviously chomping at the bit to get this guy, the first down thing Roy does will now be the face of the Texas franchise. Unless he’s got something else up his sleeve. This is landmark stuff here too, trades like this at the deadline rarely happen. and frankly it was a fabulous deal for the Lions, they fleeced Mr. Jones. Terrel Owens went for a 4th rounder. These kind of things usually only happen on the xbox. 

In Other News Cherilus is getting the bump in favor of Foster, so he will be protecting Orlovsky in the pocket, who also has the start against the Texans. I find the move confusing, as Cherilous is the future of the franchise yet this move denotes that Rod is thinking in terms of “win now!”. Yet, they canned Kitna who clearly stated that he feels ready to play, sweeping him under the rug for the rest of the season. Confused as I am? I guess we’ll just explain it with our blanket Detroit explanation: “It’s the Lions”. In the end, the two players most vocally disapproving of the new offense are gone. You may conclude that Marinelli feels that Collette is his guy and that’s that. Does that mean that we are sticking with Rod next season? If that is so, will you be able to garner a top notch general manager if the qualifier for the job is he’s stuck with the coaching refuse as the previous regime? GAH! It’s MADDENING.

Let’s look at that prolific offense. We were supposed to pound the rock. Have they ran the ball with moderate success at any point? We were supposed to pressure the Quarterback. What were the margins of loss before the 2 point loss? (as if that’s even remotely presentable in a professional league?) Jimmy C is clearly in over his head. He’s gotta GO! I would fire him after the Loss to the Texans. Simple as that.

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