Who is going to start against the vikings? (Blackberry Edition!!)

My internet is out at my house, so I’m reaching out via my blackberry. Forgive any bad spelling and poor formatting.

I think adrian peterson is going to run all over us and if matt ryan and jt osullivan can shred up our d, gus ferotte will cut us up like a nice medium rare tenderlion. Then serve us up with asparagus and scallioned potatoes. That makes me hungry.

The real question is who is going to start for the lions at qb? Kitna is definately out, I honestly question if he’ll ever take another lions snap. What’s the point? This prom with kitna is over, we did the chicken dance and sang ‘come on eileen’, its time to put this era to bed.

So orlovsky or stanton? Orlovsky looked slightly less flavorful than vanilla last week. It was nothing to cheer about and it was done in ‘junk’ minutes (sorry coach rod, don’t take a swing at me) so you really can’t gleem a ton from it. As for stanton, his only action has been preseason action; late preseason action. Granted he looked good! Give him that, he was a stud against those practice squad guys. Give him roy and calvin and who knows, right? He’s athletic, it helps make up for his bad qb decision making, we saw this at michigan state time and time again. Blame the coach? Maybe. John l sucked. The point is thqt you’ve invested a 2nd round pick in the young man and its time to see what he can do on the field.

More likely than not orlovsky gets the start. I vote to start stanton. Realistically, they’ll both see action as I have a feeling orlovsky is going to get shredded by the minnesota d. Not that I want that to happen, but… Yeah; I didn’t see anything to make me feel good about him last week or in frisco.

We’ll go more in depth when I’m not typing with my thumbs. Though I do admit, its pretty cool I’m doing this all on a blackberry curve :)

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