It Doesn't Usually Meltdown This Quickly...

Now, I know its not like we’ve been 0 and 4 before, this is familiar Lion fan territory but the landscape of this situation is a little bit different. 

I love Detroit fans. I am a Detroit Sports fan and we LOVE our teams. We are DYING to give them the benefit of the doubt. When rod sucked 2 years ago, we bought into his ‘fundamentals’ and ‘break the culture of losing’ horse crap, we took it in by the shovel and let it fuel our hopes that this was the guy that was going to turn it around. Much like when Marty sucked and couldn’t win a damn game until late November, we clung to the margins. Oh those razor thin margins. In our minds those games could have ended with either team on top, our scrappy blue Lions just got edged out everytime. 

But that isn’t the case and it never was.

This league is designed for you to come to the middle. You win, they punish you. You lose, they reward you with draft picks. The saints, who lost to that abysmal first year of Rod Lions, were in the NFC Championship game the next year. As much as we would like to bag on the Raiders and how terrible they are right now, they were in a Superbowl in ’02. Any given Sunday and any given team can win, that means that losers lose and winners win. When it is as constant as it has been, the fact is that the Lions just weren’t good enough and they haven’t been in 8 years. 

There is not a glimmer of hope this time. We are walking onto that field and getting slaughtered, everytime by every team. It’s vicious and painful to watch. The next guy that comes in needs to make sweeping changes; I want HOUSE CLEANING. Scouts. Trainers. Coaches. Blow it all up. New blood.

Good luck Lions.

We’ll start previewing the next disaster tomorrow.

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