Does a Bear Crap In The Woods?

NO. It craps all over Ford Field.  

There isn’t even that stupid margin of loss to hang your Honolulu blue hat on. The last two years were marked by “close” loses, at the least the team was competitive. What we saw yesterday was the marks of a complete and utter meltdown. This thing has spent too much time in the oven and the Marinelli Soufle has fallen. 

They were slaughtered. It was over in a few minutes. This coach has hired and fired like nine million assistants. Rod is worse than Marty Mornhinweg ever was. Rod could go down as one of, if not the worst coach in NFL history. 

The Bears didn’t even respect the Lions by the 3rd quarter. Remember that pass interference penalty that put Kyle Orton and crew on the 1 yard line? They were like 35 yards back and were just tossing bombs to the end zone. The message was “We know you can’t stop us. We don’t respect you”.  

I mean, once in a while you get bombed. That’s just football. Even the Lions went to work on the Broncos last year. But this is just loss after loss and ugly is all get out. 

Anybody still think they can win 5 games? 

4 games?!?


… 2 games?! 

We may be witnessing the first quarter of an 0 – 16 season here fellas.

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