Grizzlies Huntin' For Some Lion Meat

It will be on TV so everyone can see the ugly. Let’s size the teams up. 

Lions are supposed to ‘open it up’ and we are to look for more 3 and 4 wide receiver sets. Kevin Smith is officially second on the half back chart, but Colletto claims they will be splitting carries unless one of them gets their legs churning and starts putting up some yardage, that guy will get the bulk of the carries. Lions are nearly last in the league at running the ball, the Bears are 6th best at stopping it. I don’t foresee the Lions running the ball very well. 

The Bears offense is flaky. Yet at moments, as ugly it may be done, it gets done. They do the job and knock it out, twice against good teams. Will they get it done today? Will it even matter? With their powerful D, they turned their offenses terrible performance and multiple turnovers against the Cardinals into an advantage. And they did it on a national stage. 

I don’t feel that the Bears secondary is anything to twitch at either, I think they’re pass rush could turn John Kitna into creamed corn. Our offensive line is… well… Offensive. The only factor in our favor is the fact that the Bears are facing some injuries in the secondary, but Lovie Smith has depth in his defense. If the Lions get their ability to run taken away (not that they’ve really had the ability this year anyway) and become one dimensional AGAIN, the turnovers will eventually begin accumulating and that will be that. 

So I’m going to marry myself to Bears over Lions, 27 – 13. 


PS, pick up Kevin Jones for your fantasy league. Ex-Lions often do very, VERY well against their old team.

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