Jim Colletto is Going to "Open Up" The Passing Game Against The Bears...

Well, get your pens out. It’s time to put it down in ink on your official score cards: In a season that was supposed to be marked by running the ball and controlling possession, we are talking about abandoning the run in week 4.

Let’s face the facts here: we’re down 21 and scoreless off the bat and we haven’t moved the ball on the ground for jack diddley. Not that there is a point in establishing the run when you’re down by 3 trips to the endzone. For those who still have that pen out, you can note that the Lions ground offense ranks 31st in the NFL averaging 78.3 yds per game.

Said Jimmy C today:

“The philosophy hasn’t changed,”

“We’ve just got to get on top a little bit quicker, do something sooner. We can’t play the run-run-pass, run-run-pass — we’re not gonna do that. And we haven’t, really, because of the score situation.

“But we just want to be a little more aggressive.”

“We’ve got to manufacture more points faster, We’ll probably play a few more receivers in the game a little more often than we’ve been doing.”

“You know how we’ve done the four wideouts always on two-minute drills and things like that? You’ll see that sprinkled in more often now throughout a game.”

WSM. So you’re going to air it out against a vicious defense with a nasty pass rush, made better by our weak offensive line? I feel bad for Kitna, he’s going to be in a world of sore. The Bears 6th ranked defense beat the Colts in Indy… Don’t you think Peyton Manning tried to air it out against them? Granted he was a little rusty, coming off of injury, but an accomplishment like that is of note. Lions won’t beat the Colts later this year. In fact, if you go down the schedule, you won’t see many wins at all. To the Lions advantage, the Bears D happens to be dealing with some injury. Test of depth? Maybe. 

On a positive note, it looks like we will see this on TV. All signs point to the Lions selling through the remaining 2000 tickets or so.

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